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We save you the trouble of spending hours of time recertifying by eliminating the travel and adding value through our online learning and test center.

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Practice Exams

Recertification Services has spent the past year collecting the most recent Practice Exams. You are provided practice exams that are the most representative tests to assist you in obtaining your ACLS certification.

When you feel comfortable with the practice tests, you can take one of our certifying exams. Upon passing one of our exams you will be mailed your very own ACLS certification card that you can bring wherever needed.

Recertification Services, LLC Comparative Advantage
  Traditional Recertification
  • Everything is online
  • We research all online ACLS material and deliver the highest quality test questions to our members.
  • Highest quality for the lowest price.
  • Our service is maintained by medical professionals.
  • Average price of recertifying is $350
  • Most Recertification services require you to complete hours of prep-work, with our service, if you feel you are ready, you can take our exam and recertify online within a few hours.
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